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Interview mit Wizard of Odds - Mike Shackleford

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· Have you ever gambled in germany?

Yes. I went to Germany in the year 2000 and played in casinos in Berlin and Hamburg. I had limited time and didn't stay long. Sorry but no interesting stories from the experience.

· Could you still live from playing games with knowing your odds mathematically?

No. I've never claimed to be an outstanding professional gambler. Besides, I don't have much of a bankroll to work, thanks in part to the Laiki Bank failure in Cyprus.

·Whats your favorite game?

Pai gow tiles.

· What's your favorite casino?

Veneto casino in Panama City.

· What was your biggest casino-winning?

I've had some very good Super Bowls where I won over $50,000 on proposition bets.

· What was the reason to stat the website Wizard of Odds?

I felt the world needed a good web site about gambling back in 1997, so created it myself as a hobby. I already had programs to analyze most casino games, so it wasn't that hard to get started.

· How often do you play Blackjack in these days?

About once every other month. No reason to anymore. I don't have the bankroll to make card counting worthwhile and I would probably get backed off anyway if I tried.

· Who's the most famous Person you've gambled on the same table?

To be honest, I can't think of anybody.

· Which Casino you know (worldwide) has the beste bj-odds? The standard blackjack rules in Panama have a house edge of 0.12%. Yet another reason to visit the Veneto. More information about it here:

· Do you think there is a proper chance to beat low-limit Blackjack with a bankroll below 1000 Dollar?

Sure, but you would an expected hourly earnings of $5-$10.

· What so you think about online-Blackjack?

It is fine. I used to play a ton of online blackjack back in the good days of bonus hunting, in the early zeros decade. Of course now you need to run though a deposit about 40x before you can qualify for a bonus in blackjack, so it isn't as lucrative as it used to be.

· Do You gamble online?

Yes. As mentioned in the last question, I used to play a lot of bonuses. Back in the good-old-days you might get a 20% bonus and the play requirement was the amount of the bonus only on any game. However, I don't play much anymore, except for sports betting. I gave poker the old college try but only broke even, at best, so gave it up. Back in the early days that was easy to beat too, but today it has become infested with sharks.

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